Who Is Most Likely To… That Weird Club Edition (Again)

R- May I just start off by saying, that all of you have hurt us? Only 2 people commented and I am hurt 😭

N- And that literally says a lot, coz Riddhi used an emoji right now, which is not something she does very often. Nobody participated *insert puppy eyes emoji coz my phone doesn’t support it*

R- However, my genius brain came up with an idea which will take only five minutes for you to take part in this activity- A Google Form!

We have made a Google Form wherein we have listed all the most likely to questions! All you have to do is click here and fill the form.
If you are too lazy to do this even, then I don’t know what to say and I will be super super hurt. I will quit blogging, if you don’t fill the form!
(I am kidding, I can’t quit blogging, but yes, I will be hurt)

Also, as aforementioned, the person with the most correct answers will get a chance to do a guest post on our blog!

Looking forward to your answers people! Don’t disappoint us this time!!! Here is the link to the form, just in case you missed it!

Also Akriti, I am sorry that you put in all that effort, and we came up with an easier thing, but we really appreciate it!!!! It really does mean a lot!!

55 thoughts on “Who Is Most Likely To… That Weird Club Edition (Again)

Add yours

  1. It was fun πŸ’›
    Though I don’t really kno ridhi properly ..!
    C all d crimes may include Nehal n tiction ..!
    Aanya I’ve always found a very innocent kinda person.., not likely to commit anything wrong and m sure it’ll b her d best selling author !
    N the questions that confused me d answer was Ridhi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 4 people

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